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Startup Guru is one of the best startup managers I have ever used
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Startup Guru is one of the best startup managers I have ever used. It enables you to manage all the programs and applications that automatically launch themselves when your computer starts up. The very simple and easy program’s user interface shows you all the applications in the startup and where they are located on your disk drives, so that you can disable or enable any of them very easily. You can also add new programs to the same list, if you want them to start up automatically when your PC does.

The best and a unique feature of this program is its application launcher utility, which can help launch any program or EXE file using a single keystroke from your keyboard. It is just like creating one-character shortcuts for the applications on your PC. They are very easy to setup, and they can be used any time you need them. For example, you can access the calculator or the MS Paint just by typing just “c/” or any other letter from your keyboard, while you have IE or any other application open on your PC. Just mind the “/” key stroke, as it acts like an Enter button and will immediately launch the application associated to the letter it follows.

Another cool feature is that it can delay any program assigned to your PC startup, thus preventing excessive load on your RAM, which is usually due to bulky antivirus tools, Internet connections, and download managers, etc., all loading at the same time. This will make your system’s startup run smoothly, and will protect your system from clogging up. The program can also help you to gather detailed information about suspicious programs that could potentially be viruses or key-logger tools tracking your online activities or passwords.

Shortly, the program is a very powerful startup manager and application launcher that can be used for both home and office use. Its application launcher is the most amazing feature it offers, and in just 19.99 bucks it is not a bad deal.

jasminder singh
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